Underhood Audit - Five tips on how you become a star on social

Did you know that long text updates work better than short posts on Facebook? That videos are not as engaging as photos? That you shouldn’t go crazy with hashtags on Twitter?

Let us help. We go through millions of updates from thousands of brands and tell you exactly what to do to stand out on social.

Order your Underhood Audit straight from this page or by contacting us. Before ordering, you can download a free sample that measures you against your competitors and gives you immediate insights into your social performance.

We don’t guess – We know.

Transparent social metrics. 13,357 brands added by our users.
“We are super happy. Audit’s tips made our social score rise 40 percent in a few months. I check our scores daily and brag to everyone that our popularity ranks higher than our competitors.”
- Lauri Laavakari, communications planner, Teosto
“Audit gave us clear steps for our social media communications strategy. The best is that all the comments and advice are based on quantitative research and not on some generic consultancy babble. Audit is an extremely cost-effective way to find out what works on social and what doesn’t. I recommend that all small and medium sized companies order Audit.”
- Hanna Järvinen, PR Officer, Cityklinikka
“Audit is a neat-looking thing and well worth the price. We learned immediately to post more updates on Facebook, and our audience got more engaged. I recommend trying it.”
- Kai Vavuli, Member+

What's included in Underhood Audit?

Activity analysis

Your social media strengths and weaknesses on Facebook and Twitter.

Competitor analysis Included in your free sample

Your social media success compared with your competitors.

Action plan

Five concrete actions to improve your social media reputation, all based on data.

Chat with our expert

Efficient online session, where we go through your report and learn how to use Underhood Premium. All questions are answered. Duration: 30 minutes.

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You can also order your Audit straight away. But we recommend that you try it first with the free sample.

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Download reputation reports with Underhood Premium Only 69 €/month

Underhood Premium is the perfect tool for following a company’s or brand’s internet reputation.

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Extra: With Underhood Premium, you can also compare the reputation histories of companies and list the top posts from any brand.

New users get 2 weeks of FREE Premium - worth 34,50€!


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