Sóttvarnalæknir - Bólusetningar


Julkinen palvelu

Reykjavík, Iceland

Sóttvarnalæknir - Bólusetningar's Facebook description

[Translate to English] [Show original] Lögum samkvæmt ber sóttvarnalæknir ábyrgð á bólusetningum gegn smitsjúkdómum auk almennra og opinberra sóttvarnaráðstafana, en þar á meðal eru ráðstafanir vegna heilsufarslegra afleiðinga eiturefna og geislavirkra efna. Hann sér um að skipuleggja og samræma sóttvarnir og ónæmisaðgerðir um land allt. Honum ber að koma á... The Chief Veterinary Officer is responsible for vaccination against infectious diseases, as well as general and public emergency measures, including measures for the health effects of toxic and radioactive substances. He takes care of organizing and coordinating epidemics and immunosuppression throughout the country. H...

Sóttvarnalæknir - Bólusetningar's Website description

[Translate to English] [Show original] Embætti landlæknis er ætlað að stuðla að heilbrigði landsmanna, m.a. með því að tryggja gæði heilbrigðisþjónustu og efla lýðheilsustarf í landinu. Um hlutverk embættisins gilda auk þess ákvæði annarra laga og reglugerða. The Directorate of Health at the Department of Health is intended to promote the health of the population, including by ensuring the quality of health services and promoting public health work in Iceland. In addition, the provisions of other laws and regulations apply to the role of the office.

Reputation overview


Ranking #10218 / 13080

Sóttvarnalæknir - Bólusetningar’s score 3.1 means it should put more effort into dialog with it’s online audience.

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    We can't find any correlation yet between Sóttvarnalæknir - Bólusetningar and their audience.

Top words used by Sóttvarnalæknir - Bólusetningar

    Sóttvarnalæknir - Bólusetningar has hardly said anything. Tell them to speak up!

Top words used by audience

    The audience is too quiet to analyse. Sóttvarnalæknir - Bólusetningar should do more to engage them.


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